Learning to Drive

I used to really want a Mini Cooper. They’re adorable.

This always happens to me: I get the urge to write at the most unexpected moments. The day before the SAT. The very night of a deadline. It’s always a surprise. I write whenever I am angry, nervous, or inspired. And today, I am a combination of the latter two.

You see, tomorrow, I am going to take my very first driving exam to get my learner’s permit. I’ve been study for the test for the past month, even though acquaintances have told me it was easy. A few of my coworkers at my holiday job commented that the exam doesn’t exactly require intensive preparation, but I went all-out nonetheless. At this point, I’ve lost track of how many hours I’ve put into studying. I tend to over-prepare. And that’s okay with me.

I’ve always been like this: studious and dedicated to my pursuits and goals. I’ve had times where that streak has waned. But in general, I remain enthusiastic and self-motivated.

I just really want my driver’s license. I never learned how to drive in high school because I had so many other commitments. Homework, extracurriculars, APs, and the like. Now that I have some free time away from college, I’m finally able to learn something that I’ve needed to for the longest while.

I kind of have this feeling in me like I did the night before the SAT: excited and prepared but jittery. I don’t want to flunk the exam. That’s all.

Wish me luck tomorrow!