My Ideal Boyfriend

He’s just as interesting as Lake Bled in Slovenia

Boys. I don’t think I’ve ever discussed them here on my blog. I don’t have a boyfriend right now, but in this post, I’m going to describe all the ideal qualities I look for in my dream guy.

First off, he’s intellectual. He goes to a great college, and we can have conversations on anything ranging from Rasputin to sea coral. He’s very well-read and he spends a lot of time at the library. He’s well-informed about current events, and in his spare time he reads The New York Times and The New Yorker and classics.

He holds a degree in music, and he can play the guitar and the drums (most importantly!). His goal in life is to play in an indie rock band, even if, in the future when he becomes successful, that leads to a hectic, travel-heavy lifestyle where he only sees me once a year. I’m attracted to artists and musicians  because they do what they love and they have strong passions, even if it doesn’t make them a lot of money.

We definitely like the same music, films, board games, and whatnot. He probably likes arthouse movies and documentaries and he likes to hang out at film festivals. And he loves all genres of music, like me, and attending concerts. He definitely likes to shop at the farmers’ market, cares about the environment a lot, and keeps fit. He has a tasteful fashion sense.

He’s also from another state or country. Maybe Montana, Idaho, El Salvador, England (those accents make me swoon!), India — anywhere really! I’m super open-minded, I would like to date someone foreign with completely different experiences from me. Oh, and he also speaks multiple languages! That way, our kids will be bilingual.

Personality wise, he’s serious and devoted to his craft, but he’s also adventurous and open-minded, confident, considerate, enthusiastic, curious, wise, and diligent. He’s also attractive, but to me at least and not necessarily to everyone else.

And that’s my dream boyfriend.

Montana, Where he might be from